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In the past funeral directing seemed like quite a straightforward business to be in – pretty much recession proof, stable and not overly competitive. Funerals were fairly simple too, cremation or burial, church or crematorium, vicar or humanist, veneer or oak coffin.

The generation born before 1940 liked set ways of doing things. The babyboomers don't. Their influence can be seen during the last 20 years, but the rate and scale of change is accelerating. Are you ready?

“The Green Fuse funeral course was incredibly useful and very real. If you want to start a funeral business go and do this course with Green Fuse. When we filled in our first funeral form we remembered the game we played of how to complete them. It was very good.”

Ash Rao. Moksh Funerals.

Here come the babyboomers, general disrupters of the status quo, the oldest of whom are now nearing 80. They’ve been practising on their parents funerals and those who have died younger. As with every aspect of life, they wanted to make changes – more personalisation, more choice of products, more information. Changes have included natural burial, funeral celebrants, myriad types of coffins and transport, different venues and ways of going about things.

At the same time, the big companies tried to grab market share through acquisition and new openings, and new people started to enter the sector looking for stable business opportunities after the 2008 crash. And most latterly, there comes direct cremation businesses and a plethora of new, modern looking funeral businesses which don’t have traditional names, trading Berry and Byrne (ha-ha), for Poetic Endings, Poppy’s, Exit Here, Signature Funerals, Heart & Soul Funerals.

They offer a fresh approach and attitude and a different client experience. Life is looking very different, as are prospects.

You could sit down with someone outside your business bubble and discuss your company and how you see it faring over the next 10 years. Don’t think the revolution is over – we think it’s just beginning. The babyboomer generation is not led by products and services, it’s into experiences! OMG!

So we invite you, by Zoom now but when possible meeting at your premises, to have the much needed conversation – 'where do we fit into the changing market? Do we have a workable company culture? How will our business model hold up? How can we move forwards?'

For a preliminary discussion, call Simon Smith on 07921 456075.

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      The opportunities provided for us by Green Fuse, are seemingly limitless and certainly inspirational.
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