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An Introductory Course
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A Unique Course with Angie McLachlan (2 days)

For just 8 students, this practical hands-on course by the award winning Angie McLachlan and Green Fuse has to be the nearest to working with a body you can get, without an actual body. 

Angie built Ichabod, fully articulated to give you a real experience of body care! With our focus on how to look after the dead with care and attention, respect and ritual, you accompany Ichabod on his journey from the point of death to his final resting place.

Good practice in caring for the body will help you prepare the body in the most comfortable and natural way for visiting and vigil by the families, giving them an experience of comfort, calm and peace and minimising any fears.

Confidence inspiring

This is a special course where Angie teaches the main tasks you will need to practice when caring for the dead
It is a course designed to help you gain confidence and practical skills in managing and repairing damaged tissue, cosmetic work, preparing the body for viewing and working safely in the mortuary environment. 

Taking place in our funeral home, we have devised the course to give you the best possible knowledge of how to safely manage a great many mortuary situations, with lots of information on health and safety issues.

This course takes place in a real funeral home and mortuary.

The award winning course tutor, Angie McLachlan, has over 20 years’ experience.

Learn basic and complex bodycare using a lifelike dummy with personality and problems to sort.

Learn how to prepare and dress a body for a family visit, cover bruising and discolouration.

Open to those with or without funeral sector experience and employment.

Essential course if setting up your own funeral home.

Please note: this is not an embalming course.

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I took great comfort from

seeing Mum looking so peaceful

after the trauma of ICU.

I knew she was alright.

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