Modern Funeral Arranging

Working with families to create a meaningful funeral

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Modern Funeral Arranging
(3 days)

Taught by award winning funeral directors, this 3-day course covers all you need to help a family arrange and organise a memorable, meaningful and personal funeral.

Enhance your knowledge and skills for starting your own company, career development, or to impress when applying for work. The funeral arranging course is open to those working in and those wanting to work in the funeral sector, and to those who want to help with funerals within their community.

New Times For Funerals

The public’s expectations of funerals continue to change, bringing new and urgent challenges to funeral arrangers, and tremendous opportunities to those who respond. Move forwards by attending this thorough, modern and ground breaking training.

With an emphasis on working alongside and listening to a family to create a unique funeral according to their lifestyle, values and beliefs, this course covers all aspects of the funeral arranging process. 

Understand what makes a good and meaningful funeral.

Give  clear information on the many choices now available  e.g. cremation and burial options, different types of ceremony, venues, coffins, transport etc.

Enable families to be involved in the preparations and funeral arrangements to the extent that this helps them.

Make arrangements for the infrastructure of the funeral to support the ceremony.

Listen and communicate well with newly bereaved families.

Understand and explain  the necessary paperwork according to different situations.

Inform, support, advise

You will be able to inform, support and advise on all aspects of arranging a funeral. You receive a comprehensive 100-page manual, something you can keep referring back to.

You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject and practice the skills and resources necessary to be an excellent funeral arranger. Simon Smith and Steve Nimmo are the principal facilitators.

This is what we are looking for from a funeral arranger.
"I felt I was being personally cared for, looked after by someone who gave importance to what I wanted and who empathised completely with my needs and wishes. I was so grateful for that."Jules Davis-King

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Modern Funeral Arranging Highlights

Taught by award winning 
funeral directors

Each funeral is unique

Learn how to help a family arrange exactly the right funeral for the person who has died.

Active listening

Learn a very particular way of listening and interviewing which empowers the client. 

Build your knowledge

Build your knowledge of the many different options now available to families and learn to present these clearly.

Know the paperwork

Learn the main processes and paperwork needed for different circumstances so you can explain it confidently.

Practice your skills

During the course you can practice your skills in the practical sessions and get feedback.

I have benefited greatly and I have reviewed significantly the way that I carry out funerals in light of the course.
Alan James: Manager, John Edwards Funeral Directors
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A man with outward courage dares to die; 
a man with inner courage dares to live
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
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