Funeral Conducting

Getting the details right on the day

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Funeral Conducting 1 Day course

This course provides the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective funeral conductor on the day, efficiently and calmly carrying out tasks including setting up the venue, interacting with family, the crematorium or burial staff, the celebrant or minister and your own team.

Critical Skills Covered 

Preparations for leaving your premises.

The coffin and the hearse; route planning and timing.

Organising your bearing team and briefing family bearers; paging the hearse.

Going via home or meeting at the place of the funeral

Assessing a venue
Ceremony sheets and objects, flowers, music

The entrance of the coffin

During the funeral

The exit from the funeral

Setting up for and overseeing burials

Immediately after, flowers, family, cars

Dress and style
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Success depends upon previous preparation
as without preparation there is sure to be failure.
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