Kit Handford

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Celebrant Category: Funeral Celebrant

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    Not so long ago, if you wanted to get married, baptize children, or have a funeral, it would always be in a place of worship – a church, a synagogue, a mosque.

    Times change, people today are often not so sure that traditional religions have all the answers. People may feel spiritual but not religious. Sometimes there are different religions within the same family, so it is not straightforward knowing which religious tradition to follow.

    That was why organisations such as Green Fuse emerged to train a new breed of independent celebrant, to create individual ceremonies tailored to fit with what the client believes, all done to the client’s exact specifications, with style and with beauty.

    These ceremonies may be carried out in civic buildings, hotels, rented halls, crematorium chapels, at home or in the open air. An independent celebrant is the perfect choice for an open-air wedding, or a woodland burial, a house blessing, a coming of age ceremony or a non-religious ceremony to welcome a new baby into the world. If you want to mark the occasion – any occasion – a celebrant will make it meaningful.

    Kit Handford’s understanding is that under the surface we are all one, whatever religion, class or nationality, and that love knows no boundaries. That is why everything he does is done with love and care.

    Kit is a trained independent celebrant. He is a former churchwarden and one-time candidate for the Church of England ministry.

    He has had a varied life including two years teaching English, twenty years as a freelance IT guru, and five years working in social housing. He has lived in London, the Middle East and on a canal boat. He is now comfortably settled in West Wilts.

    He is married with two grown-up children.

  • Testimonials:

    Kit Handford met with myself and my partners family to find out about my partner's life after his sudden and traumatic death. There were so many things we wanted to say, my partner had led a very full and varied life, Kit listened to all our disjointed stories, he negotiated a fraught and difficult situation perfectly, so that everyone had the chance to include special memories, and then he wove it all together skilfully, so that the 400 people who attended the funeral all said that Kit had found the essence of my partner, Kit's words, deeds and thoughts made the funeral really special and I am hugely grateful that he was the person to lead the service. I don't feel that it could have been done better. Kit had never met any of us before, but it could not have been more personal or caring. I hope I never have to be in this situation again, but if I am then I hope that Kit will take the ceremony, he made a bad day the best it could possibly be. Thank you Kit.